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the Venice Herald Tribune 
review of "Book Feast" 2006
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 North Manatee Observer 
review of "Book Feast" 2006
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 Palm Beach Post review of 
"Reading  Around Florida" 2005
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"Hey! Who are you
 calling 'weird'?"



“Sunny songs for all ages”
Pitt Meadows Times ~ Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

“Wacky and Upbeat”
C.B.C. Radio ~  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“A heaping helping of laughs”
The Abbotsford News ~ Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

“Their visual and funny live performances are not to be missed!
The Tri-City News ~ Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

“Unique & great fun to listen to.”
West Coast Families Magazine ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“B.C.’s Best in Family Entertainment! Wacky and Wonderful.
An endless parade of fun songs and innovative home-made instruments.”
The Maple Ridge News ~ Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

“Top Notch Entertainment.”
The Hope Standard ~  Hope, British Columbia, Canada

“With their light-hearted approach, their unique instruments and fun music, 
The Earthlings invite their friends to join in a celebration of creativity and imagination.”
The Chilliwack Progress ~ Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

“Unforgettable and Delightful... Solid guitar and vocals with a  totally unique
  rhythmic sound ... Funny lyrics and catchy melodies - Join the fun!”
 B.C. Parent Magazine ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks again for your fun and toe-tapping performance at the Fraser River Festival.
Your bubble machine was way-cool"
Sylvia Lee - Special Events Coordinator,   Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks ~ Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks for bringing your music to Hope and enriching the entertainment at the
Brigade Days Festival. The kids loved your show."
Katherine Johnson - Hope Brigade Days ~ Hope, British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks for sharing your creative instruments, energy and enthusiasm.
Your music delighted the crowds at Surrey's Canada Day celebration."
Liz Charyna - Surrey Public Affairs ~ Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Award Winning Songwriters, Singers and Musicians,
The Earthlings have performed over 6,000 shows in seven states and 3 provinces.

Earthlings' recorded music is enjoyed in 26 countries:

U.S.A. - Canada - England - Scotland - Ireland - Japan - New Zealand - Australia - Austria - Italy - Norway - Portugal
Mexico - Germany - Belgium - Netherlands - France - Sweden - Luxembourg - Denmark - Switzerland
Finland - Greece - South Africa - Romania - Spain


K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Email: earthlings11@gmail.com   Phone: 719.322.7369   Web Site:  www.earthlingsmusic.net
 Cell:  727.252.4869 ~ Cell: 

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103 Song  Sound Samples 
(MP3 & WAV files) are available
to hear ~ here at this link.

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"My two sons and I saw you today at the Anna Maria Island Library, We bought a couple of CD's and have been listening to them all day. My sons love all the songs and keep asking to play them again and again."   ~ Kelly Seagraves

Earthlings songs are also available for online purchase and download at Amazon MP3 &  iTunes

You can reach our Amazon MP3 albums & iTunes albums directly with these Nothin' Muffin links:
Click and listen to samples of all the songs

Nothin' Muffin

23 fun and funny songs for all ages

Amazon MP3

Earthlings Electric Washboard Band - Nothin' Muffin

Pumpkin Songs
and Monster Melodies

(Contains all the songs of
"Bats In The Belfry" &
"A Bushel Full Of Pumpkin Songs")


Hilarious collection of
both new and well known 
Musical Monstrosities

"Earth Day Every Day"

(Contains all the songs of
"Recycling Sounds Great!" &
"Water We Talkin' About?")


Historic Hits
~ 19th Century Pop ~
Volumes One & Two


The Holidays Are Coming

14 songs for the winter holidays,
mostly Christmas but also songs for
Thanksgiving, Solstice, Hanukkah,
 Yule and New Year's

Check It Out!
 ~ Library Finds ~

Pumpkin Songs

Bats In The Belfry

Hilarious collection of
Monster Music

Light Up The Holidays

Recycling Sounds Great!



Water We Talkin' About?



The Earthlings’ Electric Washboard Band
can add their special brand of fun and excitement
 to any age group and any size event from house party to festival stage.

It’s never too early to start planning your next special event
And we'd love to bring our program to your town!!

K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Email: earthlings11@gmail.com   Phone: 719.322.7369   Web Site:  www.earthlingsmusic.net
 Cell:  719.322.7369 ~ Cell:  727.612.7495